Microsoft Office Customer Support and Service Phone Number

What is Microsoft Office?

Microsoft Office is a product developed by Microsoft Corporation that includes Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Access, Microsoft Publisher, Microsoft PowerPoint, and Microsoft Outlook. Microsoft office is available to use for personal and office both you can install microsoft office using Each program used for a different purpose and is compatible with other programs included in the package. The package of programs is compatible with both the Windows and Macintosh operating system.With the Office applications, you can create documents, make and edit spreadsheets, and do slick and informative presentations like a real professional. Even if you are new to Microsoft Office, it has a fairly easy-to-use interface and provides plenty of help inside of each application that can answer most of your basic questions as you go.Microsoft Office applications are often a required skill in order to be even considered for a job interview.

Microsoft Office is used by more than 1 Billion users worldwide through .It is first time announced by Microsoft founder Bill Gates on 1 August 1988.

Microsoft Office comes in many versions here is a list of the latest programs available for Microsoft Windows and Mac OS


Microsoft Office 2016

  • Word – word processor software
  • Excel – spreadsheet software
  • Powerpoint – presentations software
  • Outlook – email client software
  • Access – database software,Available for Windows only
  • OneNote – note management software
  • Publisher – publication design software,Available for Windows only

Microsoft word:

Microsoft Word is a word processing application which has grown more powerful with each subsequent release.Word is typically used to write letters,reports and proposals in business, and research papers in educational institutions. you can install from .


Microsoft Excel:

Microsoft Excel is a spreadsheet application distributed by Microsoft for Microsoft Windows and Mac OS.It is used to create spreadsheets, which are documents in which data is laid out in rows and columns — like a big table.Excel provides ability to perform basic calculations, use graphing tools, create pivot tables and and create macros.Excel has become one of the most-used software programs in the business world since its launch in 1985. you can install from .

Microsoft PowerPoint:

Microsoft PowerPoint is a very useful presentation application. With a number of built-in backgrounds and themes, a speaker can build a classy presentation rather quickly. The application allows importing of pictures, sounds, and other multimedia files to make a very attention-getting presentation. Sales personnel often use PowerPoint to make pitches to prospective clients. With its simple and easy-to-use interface, PowerPoint can be employed to create just about any kind of presentation for any kind of audience. you can install from .


Microsoft Outlook:

Microsoft Outlook is a application which is used to send and receive emails.Microsoft Outlook lets you bring all of your email accounts and calendars in one convenient spot.It is a part of Microsoft Office package.Outlook user interface is familiar to users.once you are familiar with outlook it will be easy to send emails, schedule meetings and organize your to-do list.Outlook offers several services such as email management, an address book, notebook, a web browser and a calendar where you organize future meetings and plan your schedule. you can install from .


How To download  and Activate microsoft office 2016?

Microsoft office Home and Student version includes Word, Excel, PowerPoint and OneNote from . This key is for use on one computer and does not include a disc. It’s great because there are no monthly fees. When you open the package, on the left flap you’ll find the web address where you need to go for installation. It’s the one here that goes to Packed neatly on the right is where you’ll find the product key printed on the back of the card on the right and you’ll need this handy for your installation.


Step by step guide to install microsoft office:


    Go to

  1.       Enter your Microsoft account or If you don’t have one you need to create a new account. To create a new Microsoft account, on the sign in page select create a new account! You can use a phone number, an email account you already commonly use, or create a new email address.Microsoft office setup
  1.      Click on “Enter Your Product Key” and it’ll take you to the next key
  1.      Enter your 25 character product key from the printed card or from an email if you bought the key code online.
  2.      Now click Get Started. Choose your language and click Continue.
  1.      Now all we have to do is click Install.
  1.      Click Save File to download the installer to your computer.
  1.      When it’s done, you’ll see a new screen. Just click Close.
  1.      Now find the file you just downloaded in your Downloads folder. When you’re there, double click on the file and it’ll start installing. A window pops up so you can see the process as it goes along.

You will be able to see when each program will done. This process takes about 10 minutes to finish. Each program icon fills in as it finishes the install.

When it is done, you will see this final window and you are done Click on Close.

You can find your new programs by clicking the Windows icon in the task bar and selecting All Programs. And now you have access to these great Microsoft Office programs.


Call Microsoft Office customer support number for reliable Services

Phone Number:   phone icon870-345-4333
Call Time:              Average Wait: 2 mins – 24 hours, 7 days
Talk to human:      Press 0 at each prompt OR say “Representative”.
For online help:     Microsoft Customer Care
Company URL:    web icon
Tools For call:         call via web

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